• Video games and Kahoot! as cognitive gamifiers in compulsory social isolation 

      Alanya Beltran, Joel Elvys; Holguin-Alvarez, Jhon; Taxa, Fernanda; Tortora, Evandro; Panduro-Ramírez, Jeidy; Soto-Hidalgo, Cinthya (World Academy of Research in Science and Engineering, 2020)
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      Current educational gamifiers are based on the application of semi-formal and non-formal platforms to lead to more flexible learning in the current pandemic context. Given this, we propose the objective of investigating ...
    • Wave solutions of the Benjamin-Bona-Mahony’s Equation In Weighted Sobolev Spaces 

      Cabracancha Montesinos, Lenin Rolando (2019)
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      We explore theconformable fractional BBM equation. The question of the center of mass of the wave solution is analyzed with the existence of solution for the Benjamin-Bona- Mahony’ s equation (BBM) in a weighted Sobolev ...