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    • Identification of coinfections by viral and bacterial pathogens in COVID-19 hospitalized patients in Peru: molecular diagnosis and clinical characteristics 

      Martins Luna, Johanna Elizabeth; Pérez-Lazo, Giancarlo; Silva-Caso, Wilmer; Valle-Mendoza, Juana del; Morales-Moreno, Adriana; Ballena-López, José; Soto-Febres, Fernando; Carrillo-Ng, Hugo; Valle, Luís J. del; Kym, Sungmin; Aguilar-Luis, Miguel Angel; Peña-Tuesta, Issac; Tinco-Valdez, Carmen; Illescas, Luis Ricardo (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2021)
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      The impact of respiratory coinfections in COVID-19 is still not well understood despite the growing evidence that consider coinfections greater than expected. A total of 295 patients older than 18 years of age, hospitalized ...