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  • Responsible leadership: a comparative study between Peruvian national and private universities 

    Vásquez Pauca, Mario José; Midolo Ramos, Wilfredo Román; Espinoza Herrera, Edward; Lagos Manrique, Germain Marcos; Reyes Acevedo, Jesus Enrique; Barrial Acosta, David; Palacios-Jimenez, Alberto Salvador; Puga Peña, Percy Fritz; Quispe Berrios, Haydeé; Pacori Paricahua, Edwerson; Vasquez-Pauca, Mario Jose; Arias Gonzáles, José Luis (Eurasian Society of Educational Research, 2022)
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    Purpose: A university community that works for and supports students along their developmental trajectory through responsible leadership is important for a sustainable and accountable educational ...
  • Preferencia por la matemática e inteligencias múltiples en escolares peruanos 

    Guevara Cordero, Claudia Karina; Aliaga-Tova, Jaime Ramiro; Salas-Blas, Edwin; Calle-Briolo, Oscar; Tafur-Mendoza, Arnold Alejandro; Peña-Calero, Brian Norman (Universidad de Granada, 2022)
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    Los objetivos del estudio fueron representar la preferencia por la matemática y las inteligencias múltiples en escolares peruanos que están culminando el nivel educativo primario y secundario; ...
  • Comorbilidad de depresión-diabetes asociada a la discapacidad en el adulto mayor en prisión 

    Paca Palao, Ada Yesenia; Bravo-Cucci, Sergio; Cruz-Gonzales, Gloria; Medina-Espinoza, Regina (Talleres Editoriales Cometa, 2022)
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    Objetivos: El objetivo del estudio fue verificar la fuerza de asociación de la comorbilidad depresión-diabetes con la presencia de seis tipos de discapacidad en el adulto mayor en prisión. Material y método: Estudio ...
  • Responsabilidad social de la universidad peruana en el contexto de la educación virtual 

    Díaz Espinoza, Maribel; Tuesta Panduro, Juan Alfredo; Castillo Salazar, Regner Nicolás; Criollo Hidalgo, Virginia (Universidad del Zulia, 2022)
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    La pandemia del COVID-19 ha obligado a implementar medidas que impactaron el funcionamiento normal de las universidades peruanas, llevando al cierre inmediato de las actividades presenciales y, en medio de la contingencia, ...
  • La evaluación auténtica y su incidencia en el mejoramiento de la composición escrita argumentativa en los contextos virtuales universitarios 

    Navas Gotopo, Soratna Verónica; Martínez Sirit, Alfredo Alejandro (Universidad Científica del Sur, 2022)
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    El presente estudio persiguió determinar la incidencia de la evaluación auténtica en el mejoramiento de la composición escrita argumentativa en los entornos virtuales de una universidad ...
  • Integrated artificial intelligence effect on crisis management and lean production: structural equation modelling frame work 

    Alanya Beltran, Joel Elvys; Ayub Ahmed, Alim Al; Mahalakshmi, Arumugam; ArulRajan, K.; Naved, Mohd (Springer, 2022)
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    It is a goal that manufacturing companies strive towards on a regular basis, and it involves enhancing the efficiency and productivity of maintenance operations. It is especially vital to avoid unforeseen breakdowns, which ...
  • Authentication and anti-duplication security system for Visa and MasterCard card 

    Meneses Claudio, Brian; Lee Huamaní, Enrique; Yauri-Machaca, Melissa; Meneses-Claudio, Jean (Auricle Global Society of Education and Research, 2022)
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    This document attempts to provide the security to make a transaction, with the online transaction authentication flow, in order to make our purchases safely as there are many frauds and little security on the part of users ...
  • An integrated approach to seismic risk assessment using random forest and hierarchical analysis: Pisco, Peru 

    Izquierdo Horna, Luis Antonio; Zevallos Ruíz, José Augusto; Yepez Mucha, Yustin Bikensi (Elsevier, 2022)
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    As Peru is subject to large seismic movements owing to its geographic condition, determining seismic risk levels is a priority task for designing appropriate management plans. These actions become especially relevant when ...
  • WhatsApp as a university tutoring resource 

    Mamani Calcina, Jorge Gilbert; Gómez-Arteta, Indira; Vera-Vasquez, Cesar Gonzalo; Cardona-Reyes, Héctor; Villalba-Condori, Klinge Orlando (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2022)
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    Tutoring, as a process of accompaniment of university students, has among its purposes identification of and reflection on the various difficulties that can interfere in the development of student competencies. To the same ...
  • A mathematical model of the transmission dynamics of tuberculosis with exogenous reinfection in the infection-free state 

    Pino Romero, Neisser; Pérez-Núñez, Jhelly-Reynaluz; Vásquez-Serpa, Luis-Javier; Haya-Enríquez, Erwin-Fernando; Bravo-Orellana, Miriam (The Roman Science Publications and Distributions, 2022)
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    In the present work, a perturbation of the model presented by Feng, Castillo-Chávez and Capurro (2000) will be carried out, where the dynamics of tuberculosis transmission will be described, where recovery from the disease ...
  • Diseño y validación de una escala de autoeficacia en la asesoría de tesis 

    Tito Betancur, Madona; Mamani-Benito, Óscar Javier; Carranza Esteban, Renzo Felipe; Dávila Valencia, Carla Esther; Torres-Miranda, Julio Samuel; Cruz Ordinola, María Celinda (Universidad de Sevilla, 2022)
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    Ante la falta de instrumentos para medir el sentido de eficacia en la asesoría de trabajos de grado, se tuvo como objetivo diseñar y validar una escala de valoración de la autoeficacia en la asesoría de tesis (EA-AT), bajo ...
  • Characteristics of Respiratory Syncytial Virus versus Influenza infection in hospitalized patients of Peru: a retrospective observational study 

    Ramírez Soto, Max Carlos; Ortega-Cáceres, Gutia; Garay-Uribe, Jose (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2022)
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    Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and influenza infections are important causes of respiratory illness associated with hospitalizations in children in Peru; however, comparisons of RSV and influenza hospitalization across ...
  • Literature review: evaluation of drug removal techniques in municipal and hospital wastewater 

    Gallozzo Cárdenas, Moises Miguel; Rodríguez-Serin, Henry; Gamez-Jara, Auria; De la Cruz-Noriega, Magaly; Rojas-Flores, Segundo; Rodriguez-Yupanqui, Magda; Cruz-Monzon, José (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2022)
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    There are several techniques for the removal of pharmaceuticals (drugs) from wastewater; however, strengths and weaknesses have been observed in their elimination processes that limit their applicability. Therefore, we ...
  • Anxiety and depression as predictors of life satisfaction during pre-professional health internships in COVID-19 times: the mediating role of psychological well-being 

    Tito Betancur, Madona; Mamani-Benito, Oscar; Carranza Esteban, Renzo Felipe; Castillo-Blanco, Ronald; Caycho-Rodriguez, Tomás; Farfán-Solís, Rosa (Elsevier, 2022)
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    Due to the emotional impact of COVID-19 on university students, the goal was to explore the relationship between anxiety, depression, psychological well-being, and life satisfaction among pre-professional interns. The ...
  • Arsénico en aguas subterráneas de la cuenca del río Callacame y su impacto en suelos agrícolas en Desaguadero, Puno – Perú 

    Calcina-Benique, Miguel Elías; Calcina-Rondán, Liliam Elizabeth; Huaraya-Chambi, Froilán Rodolfo; Salas-Camargo, Antonio Renán; Tejada-Meza, Kevin (Universidad Nacional de Colombia, 2022)
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    El arsénico es un elemento presente en el medio ambiente tanto en formas orgánicas como inorgánicas, siendo su forma inorgánica más tóxica. La presente investigación busco cuantificar el arsénico presente en aguas subterráneas ...
  • Transitional justice after the COVID-19 pandemic 

    Rodríguez Reveggino, Bruno; Becerra-Bolaños, Ángel (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, 2022)
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    The COVID-19 pandemic has been a real challenge for health systems and public policies. Both the pandemic and the measures taken to mitigate it have affected the freedoms and rights of the different sectors of society, ...
  • Gamification as a resource in education. A bibliometric analysis in times of pandemic 

    Collantes Inga, Zoila Mercedes; Arias-Chávez, Dennis; Luy-Montejo, Carlos Augusto; Uribe-Hernández, Yrene Cecilia (Wolters Kluwer Medknow Publications, 2022)
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    The objective of the study is to describe the world scientific production on gamification in the Scopus and Web of Science databases between the months of January 2020 and March 2022. We worked with a universe consisting ...
  • Asynchronous learning: evaluation of virtual classroom metrics according to the perception of university students 

    León Velarde, César Gerardo; Morales-Romero, Guillermo; Quispe-Andía, Adrián; Aybar-Bellido, Irma; Auqui-Ramos, Elizabeth; Quispe-Guía, Shirley; Palacios-Huaraca, Carlos (Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science, 2022)
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    The process and means that the university offers its students must be efficient and of quality, even more so considering the influence of the quality of educational services on student satisfaction. The objective of this ...
  • Evaluation of the learning management system and its relationship in the perception of engineering students 

    León Velarde, César Gerardo; Flores-Cáceres, Richard; Dávila-Ignacio, Carlos; Ortega-Galicio, Orlando; Morales Romero, Guillermo; Trinidad-Loli, Nicéforo; Caycho-Salas2, Beatriz; Auqui-Ramos, Elizabeth; León-Velarde, César; Auqui-Ramos, Renan (Institute of Advanced Engineering and Science, 2022)
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    The objective of this study was to identify the results of the learning management system (LMS) functionality, and its relationship in the perception of electronic engineering students. The results serve as a basis for ...
  • Method for registration of vaccines for covid 19, through nfc technology 

    Rojas Romero, Karin Corina; Auccahuasi, Wilver; Herrera, Lucas; Campos Martinez, Hernando; Loja Ponce, Erick; Yucra Sotomayor, Daniel; Herrera Salazar, José Luis (IOP Publishing, 2022)
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    In these times of pandemic caused by Covid-19, new ways of dealing with the effects of the virus emerge, for this reason multiple measures are being carried out with the intention of mitigating its effects in the event ...